21/02/2022 3:57:00 pm, Nathan and Dan

1 down, 246 to go!

Day 1, Mount Rose²

To kick off the SPS 2022 effort, I climbed and skied Mt Rose via its south face. After some overzealous driving resulted in a warning from a local police officer, my younger sister Elsa and I finally hit the skin track around 10 am. The lower part of the face barely still held enough snow to be skiable thanks to a long dry spell throughout January. As we climbed higher on the mountain, gusty winds made balance challenging. On the summit, the gusts were well over 50 mph. We very briefly enjoyed the views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding peaks, then decended the icy snow. As we lost elevation and got out of the wind, the snow softened and provided some fun corn turns. After crossing the creek below the face and hiking a short distance back to the car, day 1 was complete and successful!

Original Post

Nathan started today at 9:57am¹ 10:07am and reached the summit of Mount Rose at 2:09pm with his sister. They stayed at the blustery summit for all of a couple of minutes before skiing down. Unfortunately, his GPS watch didn't kick in until a few minutes after he started and it also lost reception near the summit. His activity here shows all of that.

When we get the video footage of his start, we'll present an official start time and location. We'll also update the About section of this site shortly to include a section on how we intend to provide verification for the FKT.

On the summit
On the summit

GPS and time data is available in the EXIF metadata in the original photo.

Nathan would also like to extend his sincere gratitude to the Tahoe officer who was kind enough to let him go for his minor and surely inadvertent speeding.


¹ - the official start time has been extracted from GPS telemetry in the GoPro video of Nathan departing.

² - Nathan added his short narrative.