11/07/2022 9:40:00 am, Nathan

A short message from Nathan

Well, it’s done! After 138 days and 247 summits, I have completed the SPS list.

It has been an incredible and formative experience. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to fully express myself and my love for the mountains in a creative way. I was able to experience many of the best routes in the Sierra. Along the way, I have met many wonderful humans and have explored some wild, rugged, and beautiful terrain. I felt humbled and empowered, terrified and fearless, exhausted and elated.

I would encourage you to find what you love, what truly sets your soul afire, and do everything you can to do it as often as possible. Challenge yourself to do things that seem impossible. Regardless of the outcome, you will emerge as a new person, with expanded horizons and a new relationship with the universe.

Nathan adds from Instagram: "Headed back into the mountains for a week of decompression. Stay tuned for trip reports, photos and stoke when I return!"