6/07/2022 10:00:00 pm, Dan

Nathan's finishing plans

Nathan has now climbed 235 peaks, leaving just 12 to go. He and Travis intend to climb the remaining peaks in two days:

  • Wed, July 6. A five-peak, north-to-south traverse of the southern Palisades: Palisade Crest, Norman Clyde, Middle Palisade, Disappointment, and Thumb.
  • Thurs, July 7. A seven-peak south-to-north traverse of the northern Palisades: Temple Crag, Gayley, Sill, North Palisade, Thunderbolt, Winchell, and Agassiz.

If all goes to plan on Thursday, Nathan hopes to arrive on top of Agassiz somewhere around 7-9pm. Nathan would be stoked for company on the ascent (SE face) or summit of Agassiz. They'll be descending via Bishop Pass and South Lake at which time Nathan will officially stop his clock at approximately 137.5 days.

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