4/07/2022 9:40:00 pm, Dan

Backcountry itinerary and Nathan's finishing plans

Nathan and Travis have just entered the backcountry for a 13-day, 12-night, 41-peak (see edits) 12 day, 11 night, 36 peak odyssey. Assuming everything goes to plan, this is their itinerary:

  • ✓ June 24, (1) Enter and Mount Lamarck
  • ✓ June 25, (5) Goddard, Reinstein, Scylla, Charybdis, Black Giant
  • ✓ June 26, (3) Hermit, Emerald, McGee
  • ✓ June 27, (6) Evolution Traverse: Huxley, Fiske, Wallace, Haeckel, Darwin, Mendel. Note: Nathan and Travis are soloing in opposite directions. After this day, we'll remove the dual trackers.
  • ✓ June 28, (1) Giraud. Resupply received from Ashly Winchester in Dusy Basin, thank you!
  • ✓ June 29, (3) Devils Crags, Wheel, McDuffie
  • ✓ June 30, (1) Observation
  • ✓ July 1, (3) Split, Prater, Bolton Brown
  • ✓ July 2, (3) Cardinal, Striped, Goodale
  • ✓ July 3, (3) Ruskin, Marion, State
  • ✓ July 4, (4) Arrow, Pyramid, Pinchot, Wynne
  • ✓ July 5, (3) Perkins, Colosseum, Baxter and exit

On July 6, as a dayhike, they'll do a 5-peak southern Palisade traverse: Thumb, Disappointment, Middle Palisade, Norman Clyde, Palisade Crest.

For Nathan's finish on July 7, 137 days after starting, they'll do a seven peak northern Palisade traverse: Temple Crag, Gayley, Sill, North Palisade, Thunderbolt, Winchell, and Agassiz. They'll exit via Bishop Pass and South Lake before stopping Nathan's clock.

Nathan would be stoked for company on the ascent (SE face) or summit of Mount Agassiz. As we get closer, we'll update the site with more specific plans.

We'll be watching the live tracker and communicating via inReach and a couple of resupplies so we'll update the plans as needed.


  1. Swapped Goddard+4 with Hermit+2. They indicated before the trip that ideally they wouldn't do the two biggest days (Goddard and Evolution) back-to-back, so there's a good chance that Hermit+2 will be tomorrow and Evolution the day after.
  2. Swapped Hermit+2 and Evolution traverse. They sent a message confirming Hermit+2 happening before Evolution Traverse.
  3. Dual trackers have been removed.
  4. Thanks to Ashly for resupply!
  5. Southern Palisade traverse to be done as day hike after this trip. Swapped Cardinal+2 and Ruskin+2 days.