10/07/2022 11:33:00 pm, Dan

Special guest tracking: Ashly Winchester attempts John Muir Trail FKT

The nüümü poyo (also known as the John Muir Trail) is a 213-mile trail that travels through the heart of the Sierra. The route was traditionally used by the indigenous people of the area as a trade route. Today, it is one of the most popular backpacking routes in the world.

Starting on the morning of July 10th, Ashly Winchester is attempting to set the women's solo and unsupported Fastest Known Time on this iconic trail.

We thank Ashly for her support to Nathan and Travis' effort (including a resupply delivery into Dusy Basin) and are excited to have her FKT attempt tracked here.

Go to the full size, interactive tracker. Note: she is borrowing Nathan's inReach.

Update: Ashly started at 10:04am.