13/07/2022 9:40:00 am, Jason

Ashly Winchester John Muir Trail FKT Update 3

As of 48 hours, Ashly has travelled 80.5 miles and climbed 21,000' vertical. After bouts of nausea and dealing with heat blisters, she had a sleep around 11:30pm at mile 70 of her journey.

After her rest she reported, "better this morning after dumping half a ramen packet in my mouth and guzzling some water."

Her split through 48 hours shows a significant slowing of her average pace from 45mi/day to 40mi/day, probably due to her longer sleep.

"Yesterday was rough with the heat blisters and electrolyte issues", she wrote. However, her spirits appear high as she closed with: "Today is a new day. I'm on the JMT. ALL HEART!"

Watch her progress on the full size, interactive tracker. Note: she is borrowing Nathan's inReach.